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How Adwords Works

Google Adwords is a powerful online advertising tool used by many companies to target ads online to millions of potential customers. Capturing even a fraction of the hundreds of millions of users of Google’s search engine can potentially provide a tremendous return on investment. Barring the many different specific settings, configurations, and details (of which there are many), this article is a crash course on getting started with Adwords.
Adwords is based on the premise of delivering relevant content to users. An ad is created, usually of 200 characters or less, and then delivered to users. The way Google knows which ads to show to which users is determined by the keywords you select for that ad.

Create and Ad

First Step Your ad consists of only a few characters; choose the verbiage you use here carefully! Just like making a post on twitter, you have to maximize the impact of the words you choose. Stay clear and to the point – who you are and what you offer! Since all other ads follow this same format, you’re on equal ground with everyone else in your market- the ad is the hook, rely on your landing page to provide more information (more on that later). Now that you’ve determined the two sentences you’ll use and listed the url of your website, the next step is to choose your keywords. Equally as important as the content in your ad, the wrong choice here can make the difference between accurate target delivery or the loss of revenue and potential customers.

Your Keywords

Second Step The keywords you choose here will determine who your ad is delivered to. For example, an important keyword for Ink and Link Creative is web design. So, when potential customers search for the term web design, our ad will be shown. Since this isn’t all we do, and to target a more specific audience, terms such as graphic design, online marketing, and web design Huntsville AL are added to the keyword list as well. Google has great features to show how prevalent these searches are performed, and the type of performance you can expect from them.

Easy Optimization

Step Three Now that you have an ad running and keywords connected to it, there’s one more step. Since Google charges you for every time your ad is clicked on, you want to make sure that your ad isn’t shown to people that aren’t your intended audience. The application of this is called negative keywords. They work the same as regular keywords, but the inverse; your ad will be specifically targeted NOT to show upon a search under these keyword combinations. For example, the previous keyword of web design can be countered by a negative keyword such as spider web design, so that someone looking for images of spider webs or spider web art won’t be shown our ad.

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